The Farm

Between the greenhouse on site and locally foraged berries, we use the freshest ingredients possible to honor the land and its resources.

Brush Creek Bakery

Executive Pastry & Bakery Chef Kiesha Sanderson utilizes mash from the distillery to produce one-of-a-kind “Spent Grain Breads” served at Brush Creek Ranch. Her unmatched talent and pursuit for collaboration and sustainable Farm practices exude endless opportunities.

The Cheyenne Club

In an on-going effort to raise the bar with culinary creations, the chefs at the Cheyenne Club infuse the unique flavor profiles of our spirits into their elevated offerings. Brush Creek Bourbon imbued into a demi-glace and combined with oven-roasted wild game serves as one of many gastronomic collaborations exemplified in the on-site Farm restaurant.


The Farm’s on-site 20,000 sq. ft certified organic greenhouse and dedicated staff serve as an inspiration for our Brush Creek Gin. The exclusive partnership illustrates sustainable practices and helps create collaborative flavor profiles truly unique to the Brush Creek brand.

Brush Creek Cellar

Brush Creek Cellars, located on-site at The Farm, boast over 30,000 bottles of award-winning wines from around the world. This unmatched collection, combined with the preeminent talents of Lead Sommelier, Gretchen Allen, serve as true inspiration for wine-finished spirit collaborations maturing in our warehouse.

The Spirits Vault

The Farm’s Spirit Vault, located just off the underground tunnel below the distillery, serves as an irrefutable inspiration for spirits excellence. Adorned with extremely rare, small batch bourbons, whiskeys, and spirits, it drives our pursuit to push the bounds in all areas of our very own spirits program.

Medicine Bow Creamery

The cheesemakers overseeing The Farm’s on-site creamery are committed to pushing the envelope in terms of collaboration and exclusive Farm-to-Table offerings.  Barrel char from the emptied bourbon & rye barrels are fused into Chevre allowing for inimitable offerings and additional examples of sustainable Farm practices.

Brush Creek Ranch

Brush Creek Ranch, a collection of all-inclusive guest ranches in Saratoga, Wyoming.