Railroad Rye Straight Rye Whiskey

Brush Creek Distillery’s Railroad Rye, Straight Rye Whiskey begins its journey in Chicago, Illinois. Barrels of mature whiskey are specially selected for a distinct maturation process aboard a 60-foot side-load rail cart. From this starting point, the barrels set out along the historic route of the Transcontinental Railroad — embarking on an epic expedition to the heart of the American West ending in the old railroad town of Saratoga, Wyoming.







The Story

Spanning 1,776 miles, the Transcontinental Railway stood as a towering symbol of American ingenuity and a testament to the boundless spirit of the West. One that left a lasting mark on the western frontier and shaped the character of a nation. And an indelible reminder — over 150 years later — of what’s possible when we dare to dream big.

It wasn’t easy. But then again, things worth doing rarely are.

In honor of the landmark achievement of the railroad and its creators’ legendary passage, we’re celebrating their monumental journey the best way we know how: with an exceptional rye whiskey forged in their path.

Crafted to stand up to the distinct character of the railway’s visionaries and builders, this unique limited edition expression is strikingly bold at 104 proof and contains a layer of complexity, complimented by oak characteristics and nuances of candied fruit and orange zest.

Consider this our toast to the seekers and explorers. To those driven to uncover new possibilities and author their own destiny. Always looking ahead to the next adventure.

Pour a glass, and join us on a journey to the American West.

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