In theory, distilling is a basic operation involving a few key ingredients and no soul.  It’s almost scientific.

Luckily, we don't buy into theories.

We Would Like You to Meet Esther

Because historic spirits
require a historic still.

Named for Esther Horbart Morris, Wyoming’s first female justice of the peace and the first in the world.  She was appointed as justice of the peace after the previous justice, R.S. Barr, resigned in protest of Wyoming’s passage of the women’s suffrage amendment in December 1869 (exactly 150 years before we started running Brush Creek’s very own Vendome pot still).

This is a two-part name as Esters are also flavor agents, created in the fermentation process.  They are noted as fruity smelling/tasting and simply provide one more unique component to the natural spirits making process.

Esther - The Vendome Pot Still
Tasting Flight at the Distillery
The Distillery Showroom

Hands On Process

Head Distiller Philip Mundt leads all operations at Brush Creek Distillery including recipe development, mashing, distilling, barreling, packaging and education among his team and Ranch guests.

Philip is a Colorado native who has worked in the industry for over a decade. With degrees from universities in Switzerland and Scotland,  Philip most recently spent over six years as Production Manager at Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.

Philip Mundt

Head Distiller

Front of House

Blair Woodall oversees multiple aspects of our distillery program, including, regulatory, compliance, and guest experiences.  She joined the spirits industry in 2016, bringing along her multi-year background as a business consultant, life coach, martial arts instructor, writer, and event speaker.  She presented tours and worked in operations with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey before taking on the challenge of General Operations Manager with Wyoming Whiskey.  Throughout, she’s had the chance to learn from some of the best in the industry and appreciates the decades of knowledge and skill her mentors passed along.  Blair looks forward to every opportunity to share our unique spirits and time with our guest and trade partners.

Blair Woodall

General Operations Manager

Andrew Wason - Managing Director

Behind the Scenes

Andrew was brought in to launch Wild West Spirits in 2019, fulfilling the vision to produce high quality craft spirits at Brush Creek Ranch.  He embraced the challenge after 18 years working in wine and spirits distribution at Republic National Distributing Company where he held numerous roles in operations, sales, marketing and finance.  Andrew was actively involved in Wine and Spirits Wholesaler’s Association, serving as a Board Member, and ultimately Chairman, for WSWA’s Conference for Leadership Development.  His passion for brand-building, innovation, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the American West made for a great fit.  As Managing Director of Wild West Spirits, Wason will develop and run Brush Creek Distillery’s craft spirits program and introduce its products to markets across the country.

Andrew Wason

Managing Director

True Spirit of the American West Copper Badge