Cattle Wranglers with Bourbon
Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Straight Bourbon Whiskey production began at Brush Creek Distillery in 2019. While we’re super excited about what’s in each of the barrels resting on-site, our own bourbon won’t be ready for another 4-5 years. It’s a fact that great whiskey can’t be rushed, it simply takes time to age and develop.

Utilizing our spirits backgrounds and great industry partnerships, we were able to select from hundreds of mature bourbon barrels from a handful of award-winning distilleries in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. We’ve transferred most of these barrels to our “Barrel Barn” where they rest and continue to age. As part of our spirits program each of these barrels undergo a barrel analysis and continuous profiling. The process, while intensive, ensures quality and consistency in every barrel, bottle and glass.

  • Age 4-12 Years

    Resting on site at our Wyoming barrel barn.

  • Proof 94
  • Sources 3

    Sourced from 3 different storied producers in KY, IN, and TN.

  • Tasting Notes

    Bold aromas of malt and dried cherries mingle with hints of new leather and thyme. The palate envelops a silky coating of roasted cherries and dried blueberries. Toasted Oak notes and hints of cinnamon hit throughout the palate and create a refined finish.

  • Aroma & Nose

    Malt, Cream, New Leather, Dried Cherries & Roasted Pecans

  • Palate

    Balanced, Silky, Toasted Oak, Roasted Cherries and Blueberries & Dried Blueberries

  • Finish

    Lingering, Smooth, Herbal notes, and hints of Wintergreen, Toasted Pecans & Sweet Mint

Straight Bourbon Whiskey
True Spirit of the American West Copper Badge