The Cowboy

In honor of those who embrace adventure and search for the untamed.
This cocktail brings together our favorite flavors, Bourbon and beef with a side of pork. Brush Creek Bourbon is the hero, but has a savory balance from the amaro and bone broth. If you like a deep rich cocktail that puts you squarely around a campfire on the ranch, this is the one.


2 oz Brush Creek Bourbon
3/2 oz Amaro
1/2 tsp Bone Broth
Rib: Garnish With a baby back rib bone

Crafted by You​

Add Bourbon, amaro, bitters, and ice to a mixing glass filled with ice, and stir until well-chilled. Add the broth and strain into a coupe or rocks glass. Garnish with a rib bone. Pro tip: leave a little meat for an extra treat.

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