Celebrate Earth Day With These 8 Grain-to-Glass Distilleries

April 19, 2024

Every April 22nd, millions around the world recognize Earth Day, a celebration first held in 1970 to raise awareness and support for the planet’s precious natural resources. In the world of whisky, there are some distillers who have to keep a closer eye on the earth around them than others—and that’s because they’re entirely grain to glass.

What exactly does grain-to-glass distilling entail? For the most part, it’s exactly as it sounds—the distillery handles every part of production, starting with the very grains the whisky is made from. While a few go as far as to grow the grains themselves, more grain-to-glass distillers purchase some or all of their grain from farms in spitting distance of their stills. Then, those grains are distilled, and the whiskey is matured and bottled on-site. Voila! Grain-to-glass. Read more HERE