Brush Creek Vodka is a non-GMO (grains that are not genetically modified) spirit that’s redistilled on-site in our 250-gallon Vendome pot still.  Our process is geared to further remove any impurities in the spirit and offer up a smooth and clean product.  Our vodka is cut with pure mountain water that’s filtered through the fine granite rock from the nearby Snowy Mountain range and collected from the streams under the distillery’s location on The Farm at Brush Creek.  

Tasting Notes: Brush Creek Vodka offers up a clean, crystal clear, adulterated spirit with just a hint of natural grains and minerals from the locally sourced snow melt water. It’s perfect with a splash of soda water or tonic and enhances an array of cocktails.
WY Granite
Clean, crisp, unadulterated spirit that offers up a light touch of natural grains.
Smooth mouth feel with a hint of natural grains & minerals from snow melt water used to cut.
The finish is clean and easy.

Vodka Pure & Crisp

Our Finest Quality Vodka is hand-crafted to be one of the finest spirits originated in the American West. However or wherever you choose to consume our spirits, send us a photo so we can share it.

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