Brush Creek Distillery’s straight rye whiskey is like our straight bourbon whiskey in the fact that we’ve meticulously sourced unique rye barrels from the Midwest.  We transferred these hand-selected barrels to Wyoming to further age, blend and bottle while our own rye whiskey matures on-site.  We use multiple mashbills in limited quantities to create our initial Creek Straight Rye Whiskey.  We’re equally as excited about our rye as the intense weather changes in Wyoming offer an unmatched product.

Tasting Notes: Robust notes of Sassafras, nutmeg and pine dance with bright notes of blackberries, apples, cinnamon, freshly made caramel and vanilla bean. The palate encompasses flavors of rose and dried oranges dipped in milk chocolate that are silky and balanced.
4-12 Years
Dried Oranges, Cedar, Sassafras, Nutmeg, Blackberry Jam, Fresh Caramel & Vanilla Bean
Rose, Dried Oranges, Milk Chocolate, Silky, Balanced & Dried Green Apples
Sassafras, Smooth, Roasted Pecans & Hickory

Relax With Rye

Our Straight Rye Whiskey is hand-crafted to be one of the finest spirits originated in the American West. However or wherever you choose to consume our spirits, send us a photo so we can share it.

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