Our gin is uniquely Brush Creek. At its base is a non-GMO spirit redistilled on-site in our Vendome pot still. All the botanicals were distinctly chosen to create a New American style gin that delicately balances juniper, citrus, coriander, and chamomile.

We led a team of employees last fall to forage fresh juniper directly off the Brush Creek Ranch property. The other botanicals we use are grown on-site by our Greenhouse Manager, Serge Boon, in our 20,000 sq. ft certified organic greenhouse. Our gin is cut with pure mountain water that’s filtered through the fine granite rock from the nearby Snowy Mountain range and collected from the underground streams that run under the distillery’s location on The Farm at Brush Creek Ranch.

Tasting Notes: Juniper present in the nose, backed up with citrus notes and soft botanicals to create a wonderfully balanced New American style gin. The combination of flavors is fantastic, allowing for a unique cocktail experience or a simple spirit that shines with a splash of tonic and a fresh twist of citrus.
Light juniper notes, delicately balanced with citrus notes and soft botanicals.
Smooth mouth feel with light citrus, juniper, flowery orris and a hint of spice.
Soft & easy as the spice subsides, lending itself to mostly flowery & citrus notes.

Gin for the Win

Our New American Gin is hand-crafted to be one of the finest spirits originated in the American West. However or wherever you choose to consume our spirits, send us a photo so we can share it.

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