The Science is real.  We provide the soul.

Barrel Aged

Rested on site in our barrel barns in Saratoga, WY located on The Farm at Brush Creek.

Flavor Tested

Checked periodically by our head distiller and production manager for its overall flavor profile.

Expertly Blended

Once batches and barrels are selected, they are expertly blended to make the best bourbon possible.

By the Numbers



Absolutely vital to the artistry behind making exceptional spirits. It is the first step in making any spirits, and it is the only step where any alcohol is actually made.



After fermentation, the distiller is left with a “wash” that has about 10% alcohol . In order to turn this wash into a spirit of one kind or another, the art of distillation is necessary.



Small batch stills like those used by Brush Creek are ideal for creating flavorful spirits like our whiskey and rye. It adds a unique profile to our gin and vodka as well.


Bottling or Aging

After distillation a spirit may be bottled immediately or it may need to be aged. All spirits come out crystal-clear; spirits like whiskey get their color from subsequent barrel aging.

meet esther

Manufacturing World Class Spirits & Paying Respects to a World Class Woman.

Our dedication to Wyoming is as strong as she was.

Named for Esther Horbart Morris, Wyoming’s first female justice of the peace and the first in the world.  She was appointed as justice of the peace after the previous justice, R.S. Barr, resigned in protest of Wyoming’s passage of the women’s suffrage amendment in December 1869 (exactly 150 years before we started running Brush Creek’s very own Vendome pot still).

This is a two-part name as Esters are also flavor agents, created in the fermentation process.  They are noted as fruity smelling/tasting and simply provide one more unique component to the natural spirits making process.

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